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Dear Mercedes and Volkswagen friends,

Our company "Mbclassic" is located in the north of The Netherlands in the City of Balk (zip 8561EX). Me, Mr.Jon T. de Groot and my companion Mr. Wolfgang R. Meyer started out in 1992. Our company has been located here in Balk for almost 22 years now.  No expensive buildings, no fancy clothing, no just 2 guys with a passion for classic cars.

About those cars, in the beginning we bought and sold about every car that came on our way. In the mid '90 we turned to much more quality classics and now since the last 10 years we only trade the top, the best quality that can be found. The odometer readings of our vehicles are original and with 90% of our cars we have enough maintenance papers to proof that, and of course the original engine. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to contact us.

I'm still working on this site, it is not complete yet.

Sincerely yours,
Mr. J.T. de Groot

Eigenhaard 19
8561 EX Balk
Tel. 0514-604715
+31 6 50285539 (Englisch  and  Dutch)
+31 6 15087537 (German / Deutch and Dutch)