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VW T3  Transporter
Original Km 34.500 Km Kw / CC 51KW / 1957CC
First registr. 1981 Fuel Petrol
* * * * * * Status Sold
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This bus has been sold.

It has been only from 1979 till 1982 that Volkswagens has produced the air cooled T3 van. We are very pleased with the fact that one off them, (one in supreme condition) is for sale in our showroom. With just over 34.000 original kilometer this copy is still as original and beautiful as when it was sold to a small municipality in Southern Germany. Hardly used and always been taken care off in the best way I would be surprised if we ever find a bus in this original condition again.  The maintenance records are adding even more value to the bus, it is good to know that all maintenance has been done by the Volkswagen dealer witch has been marked in the booklet with dates and km's upon that date. The interior is also as original as the bus was delivered in 1981 to the municipality. I guess you could say "what more can one wish for". 

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