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VW T3  Transporter
Original Km 29.000 Km Kw / CC 57KW / 1888CC
First registr. 1985 Status Sold
* * * * * * Fuel Petrol
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If your looking for quality, this is definitely your Volkswagen Van. With just 29.000Km original, a beauty.

This Vw van (T25 for the U.K.) was bought new by the fire department of Schalders in Tirol. The Volkswagen spent most of it's time inside the firehouse as a back-up. A very fine driver with original just 29.000Km. A great chassis with absolutely no rust at all, not even the light rust  on the suspension. The interior holds 2 seats in the front and 2 seats in the back for 3 people each. Very special on this 251 type are the 2 sliding doors.  Normally the 251 comes with just one.

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