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VW T3 Syncro bus
Original Km 58.000 Km Kw / CC 57KW / 1888CC
First registr. 1988 Fuel Petrol
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The Syncro is waiting for transport arrangements. That might take some time.

A very expensive type in the range of VW T3 buses. Only 14.650 have been produced of this type Syncro and because of the high price, almost never sold to fire departments. I'm sure that ours is one of the best and most beautiful Syncro's still around. I guess the pictures speak for them self. This is an original bus, nothing restored or rebuild no, this Syncro is a collectors-item, a real one!!! Only 58.000 km's and it comes with a binder filled with history. Also, every driven km has been noted in it's "Farhtenbuch". A VW T3 1900CC Syncro from it's first owner, I would consider that quite unique.

If I leave you here with any questions, please do not hesitate, just send an e-mail and I will be happy to answer them all.

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