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Mercedes 280GE
Original Km 21.000 Km KW / CC 115KW / 2717CC
First registr. 1983 Fuel Petrol
* * * * * * Sold
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Status - The Mercedes 280GE is reserved for a client from abroad.

With just 21.000 original Km's and only one previous owner, this beauty spend most of its life inside the warm firehouse in a small town in Southern Germany near the Swiss border. Hardly used and still in the best condition. The Mercedes G has absolutely no scratches, no dents and no rust spots. Most of these Gelandes get replaced after they have been in service for about 20 / 25 years. These are the last beauties that are still available. The Mercedes is equipped with a 6 cylinder M110 petrol injection engine. And for remarks on the "Expedition portal" yes, the siren and blue lights are fully functional. (Thanks for the great comments!!)

Also special is the binder that holds over 25 years of maintenance/ smog records/ history. Most of the time these Gelandes come with no maintenance record at all, records are kept combined with those of the other vehicles. This Mercedes 280GE has records of almost every year with the noted odometer reading!!

Also, please take a look at the photos I took from below. The chassis is complete free of rust. Not even the light-rust you normally find underneath these vehicles.

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