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Mercedes 280GE
Original Km 48.200 Km KW / CC 92KW / 2276CC
First registr. 1983 Fuel Petrol
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Recently our showroom was enriched with this great Mercedes 230GE that served the  "German Eppelborner Firefighters" for over 32 years. Bought new back in 1983 the crew took good care of her over the years. Bottom and chassis are in great shape, clean and free of any corrosion. The body of this 4x4 is has no dents or scratches, paint is absolutely in great shape too.  The interior show some normal use although this is just minor for a G  this age. As you can see from the engine compartment, the Mercedes has been taken well care of, and spend most of its time inside the heated department storage.  Odometer reading can be verified through lots of papers and original booklets. Bills and test from over the years show the following readings,

Km: 1.583 (Mercedes dealer)
Km: 9.000 (TÜV Saarland)
Km: 10.000 (TÜV Saarland)
Km: 13.478 (TÜV Stuttgart)
Km: 16.858 (TÜV Stuttgart)
Km: 20.000 (TÜV Saarland)
Km: 24.960 (TÜV Stuttgart)
Km: 30.829 (TÜV Stuttgart)
Km: 37.483 (Dekra Saarlouis)
Km: 42.933 (Dekra Saarbrücken)
Km: 43.005 (Dekra Saarbrücken)
Km: 47.704 (TÜV Saarland)
Km: 47.704 (Registration as Classic)

Great to have, great fun to drive!!



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