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VW T3 1.9L Ambulance
Original Km 40.880 Km HP / CC 77 HP / 1913CC
First registr. 1983 Fuel Petrol
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- Original Volkswagen T3 / T25 Ambulance
- Just 43.000 Km total
- German VW
- Rust free, original - no restoration
- Back up ambulance Audi-NSU plant Germany

35 years ago, back in 1983, this VW ambulance came into service at the Audi-NSU plant in Neckarsum Germany. This might be the reason for the rarely seen black cloth seats and the chrome bumpers, both original VW/Audi though. About a year later the ambulance was sold to the Red Cross (Municipality Neuenstadt). As the ambulance has served as a back-up most of the time, the original odometer reading is just  43.000 Km. In 2006 the ambulance was sold to a German collector who has only used the ambulance sporadically for VW meetings and a summer drive, but since 2006 only for 2.500Km total. We recently serviced the VW for over 900,- Euro, and now she is looking for a new owner. Original equipment like oxygen, medicine cabinet, stretcher, and some medical equipment, 240V - 12V installation is still in place. 
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