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VW T3 / T25 Doka (245 chassis)
Original Km 11.400 Km HP / CC 57 / 1716
First registr. 1991 Fuel Diesel



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- Volkswagen T3 Doka with rare Alu-Singen Canopy.
- Just one owner, original German Registration
- Just 11.400 Km from new!!
- Maintained by Volkswagen
- Always been garage parked
- Excellent original condition
- Orig. with blue lights, surge light, Municipality logo and Name Print.

Volkswagen T3 Doka (one of the last produced, 1991!). Hardly been used, original just 11.400 Km..  VAG service book and with an original Alu Singen  (Seriennr. 112!).

Time belt and roll are new, so are oil and filter. Tires Michelin ca. 7mm.

Service book entries
- Km: 1.304 (VW Kammler, Eschborn)
- Km: 1.935 (VW Nordstern GmbH)
- Km: 4.247 (VW Nordstern GmbH)
- Km: 5.662 (VW Nordstern GmbH)
- Km: 7.479 (VW Nordstern GmbH)
- Km: 8.250 (VAG Autohaus)
- Km: 10.304 (Meisterbetrieb Kiehl)
- Km: 11.310 (Mbclassic, Balk, Time belt, roll, Oil, Filter)!

Shipped from the Volkswagen plant to Ziegler on 01/1991, registration after Alu Singen Canopy installment and Ral Painting at Ziegler was 10.1991!

The Volkswagen comes with the original German Registration papers.

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