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Jeep DKW Munga 4
Km 56.900 Km HP / CC 44 / 1000 CC
First registr. 1971 Fuel Petrol



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Jeep DKW Munga 4x4
Just 56.000Km
Comes with documentation
Great Original condition
Has been parked 60 years inside
Production date early sixties, first registration 1971.

De Munga did service at the Dutch Army from 1960 till 1970. After, it was sold to an Army Officer who kept the Munga for 36 years until 2006. Here the Munga was hardly used, probably in the later years, not used at all. Still, the Munga was always kept inside a dry and clean garage. In 2006 the Munga was sold to a Munga lover. Probably because of not being used for years, the engine needed work. All was done by a Munga Specialist. Since 2006 the car has been well taken care of, driven not much but regularly, just to keep all parts moving. The Munga comes with doors and summer top, and as a classic car specialist we consider the Munga in great original (not restored) condition.

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